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40 pin dip IC with bootloader * 10.


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40-pin DIP IC with bootloader

Along with our Upgrade board we now have the ATmega1284P 40-pin DIL IC with the Bootloader installed.

Please check out the details for Library support and how to add the chip to the IDE on the Upgrade board page.

Programming is done through a serial connection using RX0 and TX0.

ATmega1284P Details

  • MCU, 8BIT, AVR, 128K FLASH, 40PDIP
  • No. of I/O's: 32
  • Supply Voltage Min: 1.8V
  • Supply Voltage Max: 5.5V
  • Program Memory Size: 128KB
  • EEPROM Memory Size: 4KB
  • RAM Memory Size: 16KB
  • CPU Speed: 16MHz (max 20MHz)
  • Peripherals: ADC, Comparator
  • Embedded Interface Type: JTAG, SPI, USART
  • No. of ADC Inputs: 8
  • No. of PWM Channels: 6
  • No. of Timers: 4
  • Serial Ports: 2


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