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20MHz AVR 2KB Flash PDIP20 *10


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AVR Programming Adapter Kit

have stopped producing their useful AVR Programming Adapter board, so we have created our own breakout board.

Supplied as a kit and includes

  • AVR Programming Adapter board
  • 2x3 Box Header
  • 2x5 Box Header.

The AVR Programming Adapter breakout board is a simple, but extremely handy board to adapt the common 10-pin ISP programmers to the smaller 6-pin ISP connections (2x3 IDC socket). For the 6-pin inline connector just buy a 36 way single-row header (see Related Products), cut-down and solder so that you can insert this board directly into a breadboard!

Pin 1 indicators show how the AVR-PG1 and PG2 should be oriented.

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