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TQFP SMD Adapter Board 0.8mm/0.5mm (32-100)

A useful adapter board for prototyping with small pitch (0.8mm and 0.5mm) TQFP IC's

  • Double side, FR4 Material
  • Designed to fit both 0.8mm and 0.5mm pitch TQFP IC
  • Side 1: fits 32 to 64 pin IC's with 0.8mm pitch
  • Side 2: fits 32 to 100 pin IC's with 0.5mm pitch
  • DIP pins at 0.1 inch spacing

So, you've got a project in mind but the chip you want to use is a fine pitch 0.8mm/0.5mm chip. Well this adapter board could be just what you need. When using this board, please bear in mind that you can't solder the smaller 0.5mm pitch devices with a soldering iron. Use solder paste (with a stencil) and a hot air gun or oven.

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