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Touch Switch IC (SOIC)

We have now created a surface mount version of our popular Touch Switch IC. This one is in the small SOIC (5.5mm body) format.

  • Two independent touch switches housed in a single 8 pin DIL chip
  • Power supply between 2V and 5V
  • Individually configurable momentary or latching operation
  • 25mA max source/sink on each output pin
  • Touch Switch consumes approx 1.5mA at 5V

Have you have ever wanted to add a simple touch switch to your project Well now you can with our touch switch IC you can now add momentary or locking touch switch functionality.

Simple to use, the only other parts required are a 1M resistor for each input. Simply connect a touch sensor of your choosing to one of the input pins and that's it.

Outputs can be momentary or latching
For momentary operation connect the CFG1 / CFG2 pin to Ground.
For latching operation, connect the CFG1 / CFG2 pin to +VDD.

The touch sensor can be made from virtually anything

  • Round head or flat head bolt
  • Square or round pad on a pcb

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